kyleKyle – New York, NY

I had the pleasure of taking three different workshops with David. While the context and focus of each workshop was different, they all deeply touched me. With David, I explored practical techniques to be more grounded in my daily life and gain awareness of how I can use my own energy to heal others. I found greater appreciation for my ability to express my inner creativity and beauty through movement. And, I allowed myself to release stress and trauma through a truly magical experience that left me feeling profoundly grateful.

In each instance, I was able to enter into the experience without expectation, and with my normal skepticism intact. David provided meaningful context for what he was teaching and allowed us to learn through experience. At times, I found myself unexpectedly emotional, and I had the sense that I was indeed touching on and processing some deep-seeded trauma that I wasn’t able to articulate – and didn’t really need to explain through words.

David is a gifted teacher and healer who is easy to relate to and wickedly funny. He creates a safe space and brings his own vulnerability to the table, so that he is able to be a teacher who is also on the journey with his students. I am so looking forward to working more time with David!


margaret mitchellMargaret – YWCA Greater Cleveland

Thank you for giving us the gift of your facilitation.  Your gifts and talents are a healing calm for the soul.  At the YWCA Greater Cleveland, we are on a mission to empower women and eliminate racism.  We work hard to help other groups and organizations process feelings and talk about difficult subjects like racism and discrimination.  Sometimes we need to take a moment and do some of that work ourselves.  With your presence and facilitation skills, you helped us create a safe space to bring some issues to the forefront, and create action steps.  Your contributions of time and talent are special gifts that had an immediate impact.


Doug testimony photo

Doug – Cleveland, OH

I was seriously injured and faced a long recovery in front of me. I knew I had the strength to navigate it, but wasn’t sure how. I had never faced a challenge this difficult.

David’s kindness was evident from the start, and it never wavered. He has significant insight, and shares it with gentleness, strength and clarity. Those attributes are powerful, but I needed one more: trust. I don’t take trust for granted. I trust David because he holds safe space with power and dignity.

David has helped me open and begin to heal, inside and out. It’s a journey he walks with me. He accepts me, flaws and all, and empowers me to better accept myself, understand my emotions, and energy.

David has my deep appreciation and respect, and I recommend him without hesitation.

Dwno Testimony PhototDawn – Charlotte, NC

When I first heard of energy work, I was a little leery about it. I looked at it as another form of yoga – meditating type mumbo jumbo. Then came a season in my life where I was so angry and feeling alone. I couldn’t control my emotions. Regular therapy didn’t help. I decided to contact David and try Core Energetics and Reiki because I had run out of options. I can attest that working with David was the most spiritual healing experience that I have ever had in my life. David made me feel very comfortable and relaxed; I trusted him. I did things that initially were very strange to me: beating on a cube with a plastic bat, screaming out what ever came to mind when pressure built up, punching a mat, throwing medicine balls on the floor. But this work unlocked the door for God to meet me right where I was. This was the most beautiful experience in my life. I recommend everyone try it, you will not leave the same way you came.

Maia TestimonyMaia – Akron, OH

When I was ready to address a deep-seated emotion that was hampering my ability to experience the joy of my life, I knew I wanted to work with someone who

1. Is exceptionally skilled in energy work
2. Is powerful enough to hold safe space for me
3. I could trust completely with my vulnerability

David Phillips exceeds these qualifications. David’s compassionate skill allowed me to fully inhabit my long-held emotion and fearlessly experience the energetic journey I needed to take. After working with David, I am completely free of those life-sapping negative emotions and experiences. I’m completely open to all the joy my life holds and fearless in the face of every new negative experience. Thank you David! You have my highest recommendation.

Claire testimony 'Clare – New York, NY

I first met David Phillips in October 2012 as we both started on our training path as Core Energetics Practitioners. I must admit I was immediately drawn to David as his heart shines so immensely and casts a brilliant energetic light. In the past three years, I have found David’s loving support to be a rock in my life as well as in my family. David has brought his innate healing gift in our group work and I have witnessed both his Reiki skill and Core Energetics techniques on many occasions. David has the ability to access his loving higher self attributes while remaining firmly grounded in truth and often difficult life experiences. His anger work has moved and healed my soul and I feel blessed to witness his journey and healing abilities. I have had the privilege to work with David on my own personal wounding and he is skilled in his ability to read my energy and follow his intuition and deep knowing. David’s work on my fears around my heart blocks has helped me to open an important channel to my personal sexuality. I deeply trust him and would highly recommend him as a group leader and personal therapy. It has been my privilege to work with David and cannot imagine my own path without his healing arts in my life. My heart sings knowing his heart and healing will be available for others!

heatherHeather – Akron, OH

I have had the good fortune to hire David as a facilitator and Core Energetics practitioner for my organization as well as for myself and my family.

At YWCA Greater Cleveland we worked with David to help us process and talk about some internal issues and difficult subjects. His calming presence and excellent facilitation skills, helped us to create a safe space, bring some issues to the forefront, and create action steps.

Personally, I have participated in a group workshop with David where he helped me process some difficult emotions through core body work. I did not realize how much emotion I was holding on to, and how that pent-up emotion was holding me back. Even though I was in a group setting, I felt that David was able to give each person (including me) the individual attention that they needed. He made me feel safe.

I trust and respect David, and when my 20 year old son was having some personal problems and struggling at university, I took him to work with David. Of course, I was not in the room when they were working due to patient confidentiality. However, I can say that my son was more hopeful and at peace after his work with David. Working with David seemed to help my son to be more confident and comfortable with himself.

Based on my professional and personal experiences with David Phillips, I recommend him with the highest regard.