Our Team

Energetic Awakenings has a number of special collaborators who work with us to provide transformational workshops and retreats as well as organizational development and training.  You can find out about their special talents below.


David Phillips

David is the Founder and President of Energetic Awakenings in Cleveland, OH.  He is a leader in mind, body, spirit healing. David works with clients to identify roots causes that prevent them from being their full self and to take actions to achieve personal transformation. His main goal is to help each client Live Life Fully!  In his private practice, David works with individuals, couples, and groups.  He is also a workshop leader and group facilitator for many organizations dealing with challenging topics such as racism & LGBTQ cultural competency.  David holds his Master of Education from Cleveland State University with a focus on Adult Learning & Development.  He is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified Coach.

Dana Zarcone

Dana Zarcone

Dana is a revolutionist in the personal development industry – passionate about being a driving force in helping clients who are spiritually stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed or depressed to reclaim their power, unlock their greatest potential, and dance with life again. Dana has her M.S. in Psychotherapy and is a National Certified Counselor, Certified Core Energetic Practitioner and Certified Life Coach

Claire testimony '

Clare Carr

Clare is a Core Energetics and Reiki Practitioner, as well as, an ordained Helix minister from New York City. Clare helps individuals recognize their fullest potential and move through blocks.  She has experience working with addictions and also has a passion for working with students and young professionals.


Tony Dubose

Tony is a Core Energetics Practitioner and HR Executive from Washington, DC. Tony specializes in helping clients with the challenges of self-acceptance and helping them evolve. Tony works to help clients uncover their best selves and understand the shadows that loom in the dark that hold them back.

Tristan Easton (002)

Tristan Avery Vetter

Tristan is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner and is certified in P.E.E.R. Primary Emotional Energy Recovery, a Hakomi model of Body Centered Psychotherapy. He is also currently studying Internal Family Systems.  Tristan believes that living life fully means consciously working towards embracing the full scope of our humanness and  creating safe ways to be in our bodies and experience our most painful and joyous feelings.  Tristan helps clients to uncover unconscious beliefs about life and patterns that keep them stuck and from experiencing and receiving joy and pleasure.