What would it be like to Live Life Fully?

For many people the idea of Living Life Fully seems challenging or maybe even impossible.  In this 4-day retreat, we will engage in body-based Core Energetics techniques and exercises to begin to work through life’s challenges.  

 You will learn to…tristan dance

  • Stand tall & proud
  • Let go of the past
  • Feel your energy & aliveness
  • Discover your authentic self
  • Love yourself
  • Claim your power & your voice!



SPRING – April 26 to 29, 2018 or

FALL – October 11 to 14, 2018

Retreat Facilitators

David BRDavid Phillips is the Founder and President of Energetic Awakenings in Cleveland, OH.  He is a leader in mind, body, spirit healing. David works with clients to identify roots causes that prevent them from being their full self and to take actions to achieve personal transformation. His main goal is to help each client Live Life Fully!

In his private practice, David works with individuals, couples, and groups.  He is also a workshop leader and group facilitator for many organizations dealing with challenging topics such as racism & LGBTQ cultural competency.  David holds his Master of Education from Cleveland State University with a focus on Adult Learning & Development.  He is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified Coach.  He is currently working on his Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) certification.

Tristan Easton (002)Tristan Avery practices body-oriented therapy, working with clients to create a safe, positive and life affirming environment for emotional healing and growth.

Through exploring the wisdom of the body and developing cognitive and spiritual awareness, he helps clients to make conscious those negative core beliefs and energetic patterns that limit their ability to know true self and receive joy and pleasure.

Tristan is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner. He is Certified in Primary Emotional Energy Recovery (PEER), a Hakomi model of psychotherapy and is currently studying Internal Family Systems (IFS).   He is completing certification as a Trauma Release Exercise Provider (TRE).


Ian Ellington, retired Core Energetics Workshop facilitator at Easton Mountain and around the world

Core Energetics is a powerful body-based system. It frees the frozen feelings and history in your body by working with the blocked and held energy. It helps you reconnect with deep parts of the self that you disconnected from as a child. It uncovers the power and goodness at the source of your most destructive patterns. It leads you to connection with your deepest essence. I have had the privilege of working with David in this exciting process through the years and have witnessed him grow from an eager student into a powerful teacher in his own right.  He is sensitive, intuitive, compassionate , and skilled.  I highly recommend this process to anyone desiring to know themselves at a deeper level and would totally trust David to be your guide on this amazing journey.

Jason, Life Life Fully workshop participant

My personal experience with David, Tristan and Core Energetics was one of profound relief from decades of pain, fear, and trauma that I had held in, and that was causing me severe physical pain, muscle tension, and body imbalances.

David and Tristan, along with the other participants, allowed me the safe space and support to let these emotions out and begin to live fully in the present, tall and proud, and to reconnect with my authentic self. I will forever be grateful to this kind, intuitive, beautiful healer. If you feel resistance to attending his workshop…good. That means you are ready. Just do it…you know what you’ve got to lose.

Moss, Live Life Fully workshop participant, Easton extended community member

Live Life Fully was the most powerful workshop I’ve experienced in 15 years of doing Easton workshops. David and Tristan helped each of us to *feel* a new place in our core by holding us in their fierce love. The depth of the open hearts and loving compassion in each member resulted in an integrated group energy of enormous proportions. I am deeply grateful for this experience and will gladly dive into any future offering from David and Tristan.