deEssential oils have been used for thousands of years.  They were mankind’s first medicine.  From Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese Manuscripts, we know that priests and physicians have been using aromatic oils for centuries.

Essential oils are widely known for their physical health benefits but few have understood the scope of their healing capabilities. In Emotions & Essential Oils, essential oils are introduced as powerful emotional healers.  The following excerpt helps explain how essential oils support emotional healing.

Essential Oils Don’t Do Our Emotional Work for Us

Essential oils assist individuals in taking an honest look within.  They foster the right environment for healing, but they will not do the work for us.  In gardening, it is a common experience to pull the weeds while leaving the roots.  This is particularly true for hard and rocky soils.  To ensure we uproot the whole plant, we can add water to the soil, which allows the entire weed to be removed.  Smartly, essential oils prepare our emotional soil so that weeds can be removed with greater ease.  However, they do not do the weeding for us.  If one neglects to do the work of pulling their weeds, they have simply watered the problem.  On the other hand, those that combine essential oils with emotional work reap the benefits of their labor.

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