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Dwno Testimony PhototDawn – Charlotte, NC

When I first heard of energy work, I was a little leery about it. I looked at it as another form of yoga – meditating type mumbo jumbo. Then came a season in my life where I was so angry and feeling alone. I couldn’t control my emotions. Regular therapy didn’t help. I decided to contact David and try Core Energetics and Reiki because I had run out of options. I can attest that working with David was the most spiritual healing experience that I have ever had in my life. David made me feel very comfortable and relaxed; I trusted him. I did things that initially were very strange to me: beating on a cube with a plastic bat, screaming out what ever came to mind when pressure built up, punching a mat, throwing medicine balls on the floor. But this work unlocked the door for God to meet me right where I was. This was the most beautiful experience in my life. I recommend everyone try it, you will not leave the same way you came.







core logo webThe moment we break down and transform our defenses, we experience a total flow of energy and love throughout the body, and our consciousness changes.

 John Pierrakos, Founder, Core Energetics

What would it be like if you could:Core circle

  • Be truly transformed so that you could live life fully?
  • Be supported while exploring your past?
  • Be in a safe place to look at the deeply held patterns, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors and how they impact on your daily life?

Core Energetics is an evolutionary transformative and holistic healing process. Focus is placed on the balance and flow of energy between body, mind emotions and spirt.  By combining bodywork, energy and more traditional therapeutic counseling techniques, you are supported in achieving the life you want.

The vision is to invite you to a deeper experience and identification with your core energy and feelings.  You become more conscious of your underlying defenses.  Through movement, and other techniques, you become aware of how you block your energy and recreate defense patterns learned in childhood that today keep you limited and disempowered.

Much of the bodywork consists of breath work and physical exercises designed to create awareness and to release energetic blocks or to charge and contain energy.  Awareness alone is not enough; in order to make lasting changes you need to mobilize your life force energy differently.

Work with your body is critical to make sustainable changes because your belief systems, coping mechanisms, and emotional responses are not simply just psychological, they are somatic and powerfully anchored in your body.

The benefits of Core Energetics include:core roller

  • Becoming more centered
  • Transforming negative distorted emotions
  • Becoming more real, joyful and connected with all of life
  • Distangling yourself from inherited blocks, ancestral restrictions and childhood insecurities
  • Living your life fully.

As a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, I will support you to feel all your feelings, feel your energy and aliveness, and to stand powerfully in all your truth in a self responsible way.

Core Energetics Defined by Natural Therapy Pages

Core Energetics was created by Dr John Pierrakos and is built on the work carried out by Freud, Jung, Reich, Lowen and Pierrakos.  It further builds upon disciplines such as psychology, psychoanalysis, characterology, psychodynamics, Reichian therapy and bioenergetics.  Core Energetics works on the body, mind, energy and soul system to access and clear unconscious traumas.

Because it is solidly based on psychology, Core Energetics includes and transcends therapy to heal the deep seated causes of depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic fatigue, insomnia, relationship problems, business and financial problems as well as even physical illnesses.

However, there is a major difference between Core Energetics and other forms of therapy or healing.  Grounding methods are used in the body, mind and soul so that the therapy is safe.  Such methods include exercise, movement, sound, breath and intention.  The client learns to direct their own energy and their own consciousness so that they can take full responsibility for their power.

Character analysis and body readings are used to mobilize energy and challenge and release energy and muscular blocks that are present in the body.  Once these blocks are released, profound changes occur which can literally alter the course of your life, allowing you to release the negative aspects of yourself such as depression, addiction, self-destructive behaviors and negative self beliefs.

Core Energetics works with traditional medicine providers, psychologists and other alternative medicine providers to ensure that the client achieves the best outcome possible.

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