Do You Revert to Childhood When You Go Home for Holidays?

Not long ago, there was a joke circulating over the holidays that said we lose five years for every day spent at home where we grew up. Therefore, a trip should always be short enough so we can still drive away. Of course, this offers very clever word play but there are some serious concerns […]

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How to Say NO – Your Guide to the Impossible Task

Are you a people pleaser? When somebody asks you to do something, do you immediately say ‘yes’ before they have even finished the sentence? If so, you aren’t alone but we are going to address this today because it can be an unhealthy habit. Of course, we aren’t saying that you should constantly say no […]

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Should You Date Multiple People at the Same Time?

The topic of dating has come up many times over the last couple of months with clients and friends so I thought maybe we should discuss it.  When it comes to the dating world, we have seen some huge changes over the years and most of this has been a result of the improving technology. […]

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Learning to Let Go of Shame

When we use the word shame, we use it in a loose way because it can be a hard word to define. Even though we know what we mean by using the term, it isn’t quite embarrassment nor is it guilt, modesty, or even shyness. Normally, it is a feeling that comes from statements such […]

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Vulnerability – Creating a Deeper Connection

Over the years, experts have been trying to work out the key to a close relationship and it could just be that this secret is vulnerability. When we ‘connect’ with other people, we are essentially allowing our minds and hearts to join forces through a mutual bond whether it is sense of humor, sport, art, […]

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Do You Take Care of Your Inner Child?

Do you take care of your inner child? Perhaps a simple enough question, but one that seems extremely hard to answer. You might even be thinking right what do you mean…inner child?  Effectively, this is a theory that each of us has a little kid who lives inside each of us. If we fail to […]

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How To Grieve In A Healthy Way

Despite being the only thing that is certain in life, death is still something that we all fear in ourselves as well as those around us. Therefore, we tend to have a habit of squashing grief when it comes around after someone we love dies. Unfortunately, many people each year tell themselves that they don’t […]

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Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

No matter who you are, what job you have, and how your personal life is made up, stress is one factor that is simply inevitable. For the most part, we seem to just put up with it but this is a poor plan because it can lead to more stress and even physical and mental […]

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Learning to Let Go of Guilt

In life, there are many decisions, actions, or even mistakes that lead to guilt which makes it an emotion that we all experience from time to time. If the guilt comes from hurting a loved one or potentially damaging your career, it can be very tricky to let go because you are probably still suffering […]

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Relationship Between Shame and Intimacy

When it comes to relationships, you could say that they are built upon a thin piece of string where there is a potential for many things to topple it over. Nowadays, it seems as though relationships can be ruined from something simple like a comment on a social media site. However, there is something far […]

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