About Us

Energetic Awakenings is a coaching, counseling, and

consulting firm that focuses on helping individuals, couples and organizations Live Life Fully!

Working with Individuals

Personal transformation is change in the way you feel about yourself and subsequently the world. Energetic Awakenings works with individuals to make changes and Live Life Fully!    The most effective way to create transformative change is to uncover root causes and begin the healing process from the deepest emotional level.

Conventional therapy and medicine take a different approach to healing.  Body based therapy, counseling,  and energy healing offer a holistic solution encompassing body, mind, feelings, will and spirit.  Energetic Awakenings focuses on helping individuals learn to:

  • Live Life FullyFreedom woman on sunset sky
  • Stand Tall & Proud
  • Let Go of the Past
  • Feel Your Energy & Aliveness
  • Discover Your Authentic Self
  • Love Yourself
  • Claim Your Power & Voice

Working with Organizations

Energetic Awakenings helps business and non-profit clients in diverse industries in many ways.  Some of these include:
•        Improve performance
•        Create exceptional customer experiences
•        Increase sales
•        Reduce costs
•        Leverage technology
•        Stimulate growth

We helps clients to deliver sustainable and measurable results that impact the bottom line.  Energetic Awakenings President, David Phillips, has worked in many industries including Fortune 500 companies, nationally ranked hospitals,  medium sized businesses, small business, and non-profits.  Here is a list of just a few projects that we can assist with:

•       Customer service delivery systemsInternational business people standing with folded arms
•       CRM implementations
•       IT project management
•       Business development processes
•       Employee engagement
•       Supplier diversity
•       Workforce diversity
•       Training and development